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Cape Lookout – A Short Story

According to Oregon State Park Rangers, you should do the following if you see a cougar in the wild: 1. Freeze. 2. Remain calm. 3. Maintain eye contact. 4. Appear large; bulk out your clothing, raise your hands 5. Fight…

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Notes From Oregon: A Road Trip To Joubertina Away From Paradise

Living in Portland has forced me to reevaluate how I measure the distance of things. For example, I drive from Oregon to Washington 5 days a week, where I work in a different state with different tax codes, regulations and…

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Cape Lookout video

Cape Lookout, Oregon – Camping, Surfing, Hiking from Clayton Truscott on Vimeo. This is a short clip from our first camping trip as residents of Oregon. We perched up at Cape Lookout, the setting for one of my recent short…

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