The Strange Thing About Trafalgar Court

The Mosaic in the Lobby

There are things about Trafalgar Court that Natalie and I will always remember, purely because they’re too strange to forget. Here’s a good example: the giant mosaic hanging on the wall of the lobby. It was an ocean-themed mural of grinning turtles, mermaids, and clownfish, scattered across a kelp forest, their mouths skewed into little pirate hooks.

“Those things are evil,” Dave, the veteran security guard, and resident bead artist once said, tying up his creamy ponytail with a length of old ribbon. “They give me nightmares.”

I turned to Ntobeko for a second opinion.

“Something’s not right,” the younger guard said, shimmying his hands back and forth across his face. He was a trained boxer and his movements always looked like a defensive drill or an exercise in speed. “I don’t look at them at night.”

“What do you think they’re laughing at?” I wondered.  

“Maybe they’re planning to burn this complex down?” Dave said without a trace of sarcasm. Then he giggled and jabbed his elbow into Ntobeko’s side.

I felt bad for those guys, having to spend their nights under the entrance’s spotlights, face to face with the mural’s pets. I had noticed Dave’s complexion was nearly translucent, the lack of Vitamin D shown in the veins coursing up his neck. Like the figures in the mosaic that haunted his sleep and warped his sense of humor, Dave was starting to look off.


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