Cape Lookout – A Short Story

According to Oregon State Park Rangers, you should do the following if you see a cougar in the wild: 1. Freeze. 2. Remain calm. 3. Maintain eye contact. 4. Appear large; bulk out your clothing, raise your hands 5. Fight…

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The NetRush Video

For a deeper dive into the retailer / agency model, take a look at our new landing page.   Welcome to NetRush – The Digital Retail Agency from NetRush on Vimeo.  

Like Moses Parting The Red Sea- How Pedestrians Keep Portland Weird

Most days, I don’t feel like an obvious foreigner in this country. There’s no much about me that stands out here. I’m a thirty something dude with a beard, glasses, and at least one dietary requirement. Aside from my accent,…

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Vincent – A Short Story

I just posted the full version of Vincent, one of the stories from the Ocean Beach Collection. You can read the full story by clicking here.  

The Peace Science Digest: Offering Peaceful Alternatives To War

In an era where information is freely available in developed countries, watching the news sometimes feels like Hate Week in Oceania. There is a war or a hostile situation to fret about for every day of the week. Western freedom…

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A Review of Hagen Engler’s New Novel, ‘In The Maid’s Room’

Hagen Engler’s upcoming novel, ‘In The Maid’s Room’, is going to do two things for readers: make people laugh until their stomachs ache, and talk about race in a way that needs to happen. I’ll come back to this in a moment.…

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Is Kevin O’Leary A Vampire?

The auditorium is dark, heavily air-conditioned, and emptier than I expected. Something around here stinks. It’s a mixture of fried pork and burnt hair, maybe. I can’t be sure. People shuffle in their seats, check social media, check emails, check…

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Notes From Oregon: A Road Trip To Joubertina Away From Paradise

Living in Portland has forced me to reevaluate how I measure the distance of things. For example, I drive from Oregon to Washington 5 days a week, where I work in a different state with different tax codes, regulations and…

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Ocean Beach – A Collection Of Stories

Ocean Beach, my latest collection of stories has just been made available. You can see full details of the collection below. Clayton Truscott’s episodic collection of stories, Ocean Beach, embraces the uncomfortable relationship between human nature and responsibility. Set against…

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Should Las Vegas Exist? A Travelogue From The City Of Sinners

Should Las Vegas Exist? Day: Sunday Time: 10:37 a.m. “Las Vegas shouldn’t exist.” Jordache said this to Sam and I, speaking over the hooting and whistling of other passengers as our plane made its final descent towards at McCarran International…

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